Story Building

Creative Coaching

 The Ultimate Idea Factory- Teens 12-17 
   17 August, 1-1:45 or 2-2:45 pm, $5.00
   Come invent a story world, fill it with awesome characters, make up stuff about them 
    and think of brilliant events using Writing Blocks Idea Dice™ and most important?
    Have FUN! All ability levels can participate in these Interactive sessions 
   Smartly Spaced
   1302 Concourse Drive, Suite 204, Linthicum 21090

 Story Building Solutions- Adults 
   29 July, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm, $20.00
   Stuck? Frustrated? Come learn practical methods for working through writer’s block, 
   as well as brainstorming techniques. Feel free to bring your work-in-progress!

   11 August, 10:00am - 1:00pm w/ break, $50.00
   Join fellow aspiring writer for this interactive workshop! We'll discuss writer’s block,
    then learn   how to craft a compelling premise, plot a synopsis, create realistic characters 
    and draft a first chapter. There will be a half hour break, so please bring a bag lunch
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I charge $25 per 1/2 hour. 
Luckily for you, I'm a really fast reader!

Critique- I'll take a superficial look at your work, checking for glaring inconsistencies, continuity problems, voice/tone changes and obvious errors.
Developmental- I’ll take a deeper look at your work- analyzing the story flow, character development, scene structure and writing technique- as well as everything in a critique, and doing a light proofread for gps [grammar, punctuation, spelling].
Substantive- I don't do Line Editing. If there are too many issues, I'll send the document back to you with detailed suggestions on the areas I think need to be addressed.

Synopsis- A detailed summary of your story plot can be a good writing tool for you, as well as a selling tool to an agent or editor. 10 pages is the maximum for this category and I bill by the ½ hour (no more than 1 hour /$50), which includes a short critique.

1st Chapter/ Contest Entry- Opening chapters are something of a specialty and I’ve taught several workshops on the topic. 25 pages is the maximum for this category and I bill a flat 2 hours ($100). If your chapter is longer by more than 1-2 pages, it will be billed at the Partial rate.

Opening/ Partial- When most editors request a partial manuscript, they are expecting to see the first three chapters or first 100 pages. I bill at 0.020/ word based on a 250 word per page double-spaced document. So as an example, a 75 page partial would be invoiced at $375, which includes a detailed critique. (Again, opening chapters are my specialty!)

Manuscript- Length will vary depending on genre and targeted publisher. 50k words is about 200 pages; 100k words is about 400 pages. I bill at 0.025/ word based on a document formatted to 250 word per page double-spaced. So, for example, approximately 50k word developmental manuscript edits, including gps proofread, would be invoiced at $1,250.