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Steele Mezzanotte is a P.I. with a showgirl’s body and a sharp-edged attitude. She was born and raised in Sin City- what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And, for two fifty a day plus expenses, she's not leaving. Cameron Stone has a killer smile, lot of Scots charm and a rather questionable occupation. The enigmatic ‘problem solver’ has a habit of disappearing, but he'll always return to Vegas. And to Steele.

SPIRIT DANCE, Witchy Business Anthology.  Oct 2007 
Born to a family of seers and shamans, Siobhan Silverhawk has accepted her magic-less lifestyle. But when she meets recent widower J. B. Pendleton, Siobhan figures she has magic enough to make a love potion- which seems to have worked a little too well!

Superior Court Commissioner Rei Davis is a tough-minded judge who wishes someone could see her softer side. Dating service owner Chris London is a lighthearted matchmaker who wishes someone would take him seriously. A chance encounter at a nightclub awakens long-suppressed desires, so with the help of email messages, fantasies brought to life and a leap of faith, maybe both of their wishes will come true.

9 1/2  DAYS Nov 2004  
Attorney Jordan Gregory needs a Ten Day FiancĂ©. Firefighter Danny Navarro has an Eight Date Rule. After an accidental kidnapping and a night they'll never forget, he agrees to a fake engagement, but only if she agrees to give herself to him ‘anytime, anyplace, anyhow’. Jordan is more than willing to play Danny’s game, but suddenly he wants ten days to become forever.

Stevie Madison has been lusting after her boss for months- well, at least on paper. With her shadowed past, he's everything she knows better than to want. Emelio Sanchez is intrigued- someone’s been sending him erotic letters signed, ‘Yours, in black lace’. He’s also intrigued by Stevie. But Emelio knows better than to mix business with pleasure... Doesn't he?

NIGHT MAGIC April 2- July 16, 2003
Once he was a Prince of Egypt. Then Kalid Amunemhat spurned the affections of the wrong woman. The sorceress turned him into a Djini, a slave to serve his mistresses and fulfill their secret desires for all eternity. Though she’s skeptical at first, Dr. Lauryn Meade soon realizes that Kalid is the real thing — and she begins falling for the man behind the magic, making it that much harder to lose him after only three nights…

RED SHOES & A DIARY April 2003
Meghan Foster wants to have a wildly passionate affair, like the ones she writes about in her diary. During her first tropical vacation she intends to turn her fantasies into reality. Alex Worth is the kind of guy fantasies are made for. But the ideal man isn't always what he seems... Especially when he's using Meghan's own imagination to seduce her.